Who i am ?

In 27, Denise crossed half of her life on stage, the only place where she feels comfortable. When the girls of her age were in class, the young woman to prefer to be lying about in studio, even it means lying to her mother.

The matter saw her becoming a doctor, not artist, but her daughter to look after her troubles, preferred to put them on paper, and to write all that her sick shyness prevents her from admitting.

« On n’est jamais trop petit pour réaliser des grands rêves » Denise

Years later, Denise does not hide any more to sing. In the competitions of Pan-African singing island Africa Talent, broadcasted in 2014 on A+ (Group Canal Plus) she makes favorite’s face from the beginning and her victory is an obvious fact.

While being at it, she signs at Universal Music. If her life changes the young Malagasy woman wants to keep her principles. Values as unity, sincerity and boldness which the singer wanted to advocate in her first album.

Without border, it was recorded between Toamasina, Paris, Lagos, and Abidjan.

She decided to sing to it in English but also in Malagasy. Of this fact the style “Denise” perspires the surrounding heat of Madagascar and resists in the time of rain. Living to Toamasina, a city situated from 15 hours of road of the capital, the singer is attached to the traditional drums of her earth. She remains so open to her neighbors. So, the guitars of the scene of Niger come to get involved in similar beats with most American large sizes. Between the explosive rhythm and the smoothing melody, Denise did not want to choose. She blooms in both by avoiding the trap of compartments. This cultural melting pot shapes its music, and will fascinate the public.

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